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Trend is a phenomenon – it’s the UK benchmark BMS against which all other companies are compared. As Trend was part of Novar plc, Total Control was encouraged to include Trend in our product offering, when Alerton was acquired by Novar. We were extremely pleased to agree.

IQ controllers are everyhwhere and “BACnet Trend” have now arrived, which will enhance the Trend product range yet further.


Alerton is a world leader in BACnet BMS Systems, having launched its BACtalk product range in the late 1990’s. Following which there was keen acquisition interest and Alerton was first purchased by Novar plc, who themselves were later acquired by Honeywell.

Total Control has been UK National Dealer for Alerton for over fifteen years. We have Alerton systems throughout the UK, on many major projects and for many satisfied clients.


Siemens Building Technologies is a major supplier of all things automated in Building Services and beyond. Its pedigree and history as Siemens, and previously Landis and Staefa, is renowned.

In the late ’90’s when Total Control wished to broaden its product offering beyond just Alerton we looked for quality, reputation and degree of BACnet compliance. In the Siemens Desigo/PX range, we found exactly this and we are now proud to be a fully accredited Siemens HVAC Solutions Partner.