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In times gone by our company structure was classical. We all worked in a “Department” and had one job to do. Contracting, Engineering, Programming, Commissioning. In 2002, we radically changed this into a “Team” structure. As soon as an order is placed ownership passes to one of our four “Teams”. Each “Team” can provide all resources to complete any project. No one is pigeonholed, each Team member is encouraged to become a multi-disciplined Controls Engineer. Clients have one point of contact, our engineers get greater satisfaction from running a project from start to finish and relationships develop.

These days an important question when selecting a control system specialist is: Will they be around to finish the job? Total Control has always been run with a high degree of financial responsibility. Check us out with any credit agency and be assured of our stability.

Both in pricing and attitude. We sub-contract as little as possible – keeping all engineering, panel building and commissioning in-house. This enables us to be price competitive. But in addition keenness also extends to attitude. We hope always to be enthusiastic, dedicated and eager to please in all that we undertake.