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Kings Cross Station

Kings Cross, London N1

Consultant : Arup
Contractor : Crown House & NG Bailey

Since 2007 this £400M investment by the Department of Transport is transforming King’s Cross Station into a world class transport hub to provide the best possible facilities for the travelling public.

The first major element of the project was the Eastern Range completed by Crown House at the end of 2008. We provided Trend IQ controllers for all terminal units, predominantly Chilled Beams, as well as for all main plant.

Total Control Projects division is currently working for NG Bailey on the Western Range and Concourse. The overall completion date is set for summer 2012.

A station-wide Trend BMS system is being supplied and installed to meet the stringent requirements of the Arup specification, which include considerable fire and life safety monitoring and high installation standards. All control panels and motor control centres have been independently tested and certified to meet Network Rail’s EMC emissions requirements.

In all the Trend BMS control system installation is in excess of £1M.


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