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Modern control systems do not maintain themselves. They don’t drift or loose calibration quite like old control systems, but ensuring and retaining optimum performance is not guaranteed. We offer Service and Maintenance Contracts of varying degrees of cover to include guaranteed response times, on-line or dial-up support, help desk and remote trouble shooting. These services are offered on non-Total Control systems as well as those we have installed ourselves.

Throughout the period of preventative maintenance we check that the control system is setup in line with the specification or current requirement and is correctly calibrated as well as also reporting on control loops and strategy which may be causing inefficiencies. This could result in higher energy consumption and increased plant operational and maintenance costs. Control points are individually serviced to ensure correct functionality and logs can be set up so that all reporting data can be reviewed to ensure optimum performance is being achieved.

The Reactive facility covers remedial work ande recommendations that we make following our planned site maintenance visits. If any extra works are required we will send out our proposal with the engineer’s report.

Our Proactive service level provides the facility for reaction to alarms before the condition causes further problems. We can provide monthly reports from data logged on the system and analyze spikes and trends.
This report will detail the time and date of each alarm, the action taken and any follow up or remedial action which may be required. It is possible that we may be able to resolve the cause of an alarm remotely without having to attend site, in which case the cost being greatly reduced.