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Marlowe Academy

Stirling Way, Ramsgate

Consultant : BDP
Contractor : MITIE

Marlowe Academy is a 1000+ pupil, new build Performing Arts and Business Academy, built to replace the under performing Ramsgate High School.

The architects and consulting engineers BDP created a building that welcomes school users and enables a broad range of activities. The building is more than just a school, it’s a community resource that includes a library, an adult education centre and other facilities.

BDP have taken a very green approach to building services with a mixture of natural, passive and mechanical ventilation. Plus BMS control to operates each classroom space only when occupied.

Total Control installed and now maintains the Trend BMS system. It includes individual classroom control via actuated fresh air louvers, motorised windows, PIR and ºC sensing. All achieved using Trend IQ3 controllers in floor voids and raises throughout the building.

In all there are 6№ MCC Panels, 5№ Packaged AHU’s (factory fitted with Total Control MCC’s) and 14№ small IQ3 enclosures to locally control and manage each individual space. The Trend system communicates via site-wide Ethernet to a Trend 963 web-enabled System Supervisor.


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