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Skinners’ Academy

Hackney, London N4

Consultant : Fulcrum
Contractor : Norstead Mechanical

The £25 million Skinners’ Academy was a joint venture by the London Borough of Hackney and the Skinners’ Company. The school caters for 900 secondary and 250 sixth form students and is on the north bank of New River, Hackney, North London.

The design provides an exciting and inspiring learning environment for all students as well as flexible extended use by the local community. With internal zone control, linked automatically to central main plant services, the Alerton BMS System permits energy efficient out-of-hours use of the sports facilities, teaching areas, dining hall and performing arts spaces.

In total there are almost 100 small BMS outstations located under false floors, in ceiling voids and in risers, which serve local zones and systems. A notable feature is the 200+ actuated air intake louvers built into the building façade that provide fresh air to classrooms to maintain CO2 levels. This is balanced by extract air via motorised atria windows, mechanical ventilation, or Windcatcher Turrets on the top floor.


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